Wheat & Flour


6.1. The Importance of Storage of Flour
6.2. The Stocking of the Flour

6.2.1. Main Necessities in Flour Storages
6.2.2. The Storage Conditions of the Flour
6.2.3. The Capacity of the Storage

6.3. Flour Stocking Systems
6.3.1. Mainly used Stocking Systems Lifts/ elevators Concrete silos Sacks and bags Storage boxes Silo, tank or storehouses
6.3.2. Designing in storage systems Storage systems and quantity of moisture Considerable facts in stocking and in designing

6.4. Types of Silos
6.5. The Filling and Discharge the Silos
6.6. Transportation Systems
6.7. Wind and Endurance Circles
6.8. Silo Covering and the Choice of Paints
6.9. Moisture and Temperature Controls
6.10. Density and Intensity while filling and discharge the silo
6.11. Safety
6.12. Problems occur in the silos and Suggestions of Solutions

6.12.1. Ratholing/ Piping
6.12.2. Cone shaped Flow
6.12.3. Dome and Curve Formation
6.12.4. Insufficient Flow
6.12.5. Sudden Flow
6.12.6. Insufficient Flow
6.12.7. Mechanical Dome
6.12.8. Combining in Time, Solidification
6.12.9. Seperation

6.13. Flour Formulized Law Methods and Mixers in the Process of Storing and Packaging
6.14. Methods and Technologies in Flour Packaging

6.14.1. Basic functions that should be found in Packages Enclosure Preserving Communication Convenience
6.14.2. Additional Necessities in Packages The efficiency of production Minimal environmental effect Safety of the package Materials that are used in packaging